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Cemeteries are not just places where people are buried, but rather outdoor libraries and museums; behind every gravestone waits a wonderful story ready to be told.” Unknown author

Mindful of the purpose of the NSCDA to “educate our fellow citizens and ourselves in our country’s history,” The Waycross Town Committee decided that Lott Cemetery, the oldest in Waycross, was a most worthy subject for a book. The decade-long project, which also included application and approval for listing of Lott Cemetery on the National Register of Historic Places, culminated with a “Celebration and Walking Tour” on Sunday, October 18, 2009.

Waycross Dames, led by Pat Monroe with special help from her daughter Molly Monroe and Bunny Winge, embarked in 1999 on the ambitious project of recording the data on every burial site in the cemetery, with plans to publish a book. Every member of the Waycross Town Committee participated in the effort.

Unlike most cemetery reference books, Historic Lott Cemetery includes not only names and dates, but also every epitaph, as well as descriptions of notable monuments, and beautiful photographs. The 5½ acre cemetery was canvassed by Lot and Section. It was tedious work, with members spending countless hours gathering, typing and editing data. Great care was taken to record the inscriptions on the grave markers exactly as they appear, including errors. When weather-worn stones were not legible, the method of lightly brushing flour over the stone’s surface with a soft brush revealed the aged engraving. It was necessary to learn the correct terminology of cemetery monuments and burial containers, and decide on consistent wording and format.

Another facet of the Colonial Dames’ project was applying for Lott Cemetery to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   National Register designation gives added importance and protection to Lott Cemetery, and encourages families to take pride in the maintenance of their monuments, and will promote visitation to Waycross.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Show me your cemeteries and I will tell you what kind of people you have.” A study of Waycross’s historic Lott Cemetery is an opportunity to learn about many of the people who have built and inhabited Waycross, Ware County and the surrounding area. The beauty of its monuments and its inscriptions are proof of the admiration and respect of their families and descendants.

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